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Single stage UPF offline psu's for mass production - now up to 3.6kW off single phase mains.
High efficiency, low RFI, single stage converters providing near unity input power factor and a wide choice of isolated output power designs...
Electric vehicle (EV) charger - 375V out, 6 amps unity power factor from 220AC supply - Lowest size & weight.
A prime example of EV charging - low weight & size with unity input power factor. Models with outputs up to 375VDC @ 6amp, (2250 watts). Fully sealed so you can bolt it on anywhere. Advanced charging algorithms for any battery type. NEMA compliant
October 20, 2011
3 phase brushless DC motor control (& switched reluctance)
We've had to do it so why not share the results with customers who want an appropriate solution to their motor control requirements. As always low RFI and maximum controllability for high volume products. C software blocks part of the package.
August 7, 2011

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