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Demand for EMC review of designs growing.
More and more design groups are asking themselves - why wait for the prototype to fail EMC before calling on experienced input from the people who have done it for years... Demand for EMC review of designs growing.

Interference problems in the field?

Failed an EMC compliance test?

Our remedial techniques (fixes):

  • Work ! 
  • Cost least in manufacture
  • Use the latest international best-practices
  • Have been refined from years of consulting effort
  • Are well-proven, scientific & teachable
  • Don't compromise the functional performance
  • Are vastly superior to unpredictable voodoo fixes
  • Improve reliability (reducing liability and warranty claims)
  • Improve reputation, sales, profitability

We have developed  techniques during twenty years of advanced electronic product / system design / management, and ten years of EMI / RFI / EMC consultancy - and they are evolving as technology advances

Our techniques have been proved on products, systems, and installations of all sizes, in a very wide range of applications.

They are especially effective because we understand the details of the electronic circuits that cause (or suffer) the EMI, RFI, or EMC problems

We have extensive experience with the RF immunity of analogue circuits

We speak plain engineering language

And we can show you how to meet the European EMC Directive with minimal costs and lowest business risks

Let us solve your EMI, RFI, or EMC problems quickly and easily

Updated  September 2, 2003

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