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270W power supply for mass production...
Pictured is a prototype of a 180-250VAC power supply delivering 270W of output through an EER42/15 transformer. 270W power supply for mass production...
Designed for low cost and high volume applications and using a TOP249 or TOP250 this compact converter uses a minimum number of parts to deliver a smooth DC output for power supply or battery charger applications.

Typical outputs are up to 35V at up to 10amps continuous (up to 27.0 volts) and 8 amps continuous from 27 to 35 VDC. The prototype pictured has a variable output voltage control (4 -35VDC) and current limit (0.2 - 10.0 amps). A very low power fan is incorporated into the design to allow continuous full power operation.

Other outputs are available 12V - 15 amp, 18V - 15 amp, 48V - 5.5 amp, 110V - 2.5 amp.

Versions with all SMT (surface mount technology) control components on the bottom of the pcb - including a uP for multi-step charge control of lead acid, nicad, Ni-Fe, Li-ion and other battery types available on request.

Typically 185 - 275Vac,  85 - 135Vac only is available upon request, (85 - 250VAC up to 250W  upon request).

Updated  October 20, 2011

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