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Magnet power supplies
Close tolerance 2 and 4 quadrant power supplies for powering superconducting magnets from 100 to 600 amps DC


+/- 10V at up to +/- 250 amps DC, 100ppm absolute with 10ppm tracking. less than 1mV AC of ripple;

analog or RS485 (EIA/TIA485) control, 10ppm display metering, full magnet protection, smooth 0V crossover transitions.

Input = 230VAC (210-265) 50/60Hz 15A rms input. Low noise variable fan cooling of internal power electronics.

+/-100A, 150A, 200A, 250A available

Magnet sizes to 180H

Unipolar outputs with similar specifications. 100A to 600A

Water/glycol cooling for units above 250 amps as a standard option.

Larger output voltages and currents to order with three phase mains inputs.

Updated  May 26, 2008

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