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Professional power electronics design services to global clients.
Power stage and control modelling, proof of concept development, innovative solutions to power conversion problems. High efficiency, soft switching, EMC compliant intellectual property to licence to OEMs. Rectifiers, Inverters, converters and control.

Power electronic design consulting & implementation services:

Join the growing list of companies and OEM's that have sought experienced input to their designs and products.

Concept evaluation and guidance from the outset towards a useful end product that has customer appeal.

Design for EMC advice at all stages in the development process to avoid costly manufacturing changes at project end.

Design for manufacture friendliness and ease of test.

Combining of thermal and power layout requirements to arrive at an integrated embodiment that works.

Control analysis and advice to ensure that: ..."the control you want is the control you get."

Critical component characterisation and reliability analysis.

PCB layout for new entrants to power electronic product producers.


Novel power topologies and control strategies that put you just ahead of the competition in: efficiency, size, shipping weight, use-ability, dynamic performance, reliability, longevity, total product cost, reduced recall rates, product manufacture life without changes, Customer Confidence & sales.


Our range of services extends from a straightforward overview and advice of a customers' schematics and layouts;  to having an on-site engineer guide your staff in product modification to meet EMC compliance, product safety, thermal performance, reliability, dynamic response, stability, minimum performance targets over temp and input variations.

We also do complete turnkey developments, liasing with your preferred manufacturer to ensure production start dates are met.


Feel free to contact a management engineer here today to get started on completing and selling that product!

Updated  October 20, 2011

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