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AC/DC Adapter 12V 18A (24V 7.5A) 95% efficient!! 95-265VACin
For powering the next generation of light weight pc's and TFT monitors - our new compact adapter technology breaks new ground in, size, weight and efficiency! AC/DC Adapter 12V 18A (24V 7.5A) 95% efficient!!  95-265VACin

Successful modification of our higher power topologies to the low power adapter area (220W), has resulted in a new benchmark for adapter technology.

We can now offer designs with 12V 18-22A out, continuous, with a footprint and volume only twice that of a common 70W adapter and with universal input. We will be extending the range to higher currents at 12V, 19V, 24V also.

The key to this achievement has been a novel single stage converter removing the input bridge rectifer

Resulting in an efficiency of 95.% at 90VAC, 220W or 265W output.

Common parts are used throughout to ensure a cost friendly design that can be applied to standard manufacturing processes in high volume with excellent repeatability and reliability.

Contact us to arrange a technology evaluation and licensing details.

Updated  October 20, 2011

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