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Is your control ckt causing increased RFI?
Non optimal firing of power transistors, instability & susceptibility of a control ckt can result in your power ckt making more RFI than it really has to... Is your control ckt causing increased RFI?

We have created - from scratch - control ckts and solutions that are optimal for most power topologies known to man.


Sliding mode control systems for absolute minimum switching events in a converter


Adaptive gate drive to minimise reverse recovery stress (& RFI) in antiparallel diodes


So why wouldn't you ask us and:


Save hardware and software iterations 


 Reduce manufacturing costs 


 Ease EMC compliance


 Finish sooner


 Improve reliability in the field


 Reduce claims under liability or warranty


 Improve reputation, and sales


 Make more money, more easily


We have developed these practical techniques over many years and proved them on clients PCBs, modules, products,

systems and installations, of all technologies, types, and sizes.

Updated  September 2, 2003

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