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Wide input DC/DC converter 7.5-450VDC 100watt+
Developed for an in house application, these converters can be made for applications from a few watts up to hundreds of watts. Also providing an additional 12V (for example) aux supply for user control electronics.

For some applications  e.g. fuel cells, or special battery inputs, a wide input range is required for a DC/DC converter to provide constant auxilliary output volts at say 5,12, 15 or 24V at power levels up to 100's of watts.

At the low power end a simple flyback may suffice, but even these have limitations.

Our wide input DC/DC converters currently span typically 7.5 to 220VDC, and can in fact operate up to 450VDC if required.

This is an input range of  60:1  (more commonly 20:1 for a typical requirement of 7.5 - 150VDC).

We are developing a wider input range of 3 - 200V (450V max on request) with the possibility of extending the low end to 1.5 and possibly 0.6Vin.

Multiple outputs with coupled inductors can be provided where required.

To engage in discussion on these converters with a view to obtaining a design and licence, email us at   widerange@pwrtrnx.com

Updated  February 19, 2011

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