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Power Electronics Design - Technology transfer to you.
High efficiency, Low RFI, proven reliabilty: Resonant variants, LLC, forward, flyback, Cuk, Sepic, phase shift, Z input filter, rectifier or inverter, from watts to kW's...

We combine years of hands on experience with our tired and tested IP to provide high reliability solutions to power supply requirements.

90Vac to 300Vac single phase, 380-480Vac 3 phase, up to 6kV DC inputs for down converters.

Mosfet rectified output stages for low volts - high current outputs - 200+ amps

Low stress diode rectified outputs for higher voltages, 400VDC and up.

Intelligent layouts to ease assembly without increasing component stresses

EMC verification

Safety approvals

Ready to manufacture prototypes with complete engineering documentation

Common power levels to 50kW.

email us with a comprehensive specification to begin your project today.

Updated  October 20, 2011

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