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High Power Inverter Solutions
Specialist solutions using 3 Level hysteretic & conventional topologies. Resonant step up stages that are efficient and quiet.

For companies that require to integrate an inverter stage into their product, we can supply quiet, efficient step up stages to provide a 200V/400/ (+/-)400V bus from which to run inverter bridges.

From basic inverter stages to drive a permanent magnet brushless 3 phase motor right thru to 20kHz controlled systems to provide clean 50/60/400Hz AC power (with no DC component) - we have done it.

Bi-directional stages where power can be imported and exported to the grid from a DC bus (up to 50kVA at present) have been developed also.

For remote area installations we have a very low RFI inverter; 24VDC to 230VAC, 3kWrun, 9kWstart,  that allows loads from a single relay coil right up to a refridgerator starting load with no hassles. The design ensures that sensitive AM reception is not interfered with.

Updated  August 7, 2011

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