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Magnetics Design
Power electronics design requires specialist design of high current high frequency chokes and transformers with low losses. Magnetics Design

A key part of any power electronics design is the magnetic components.

We have significant design experience in the construction of the following:

Flyback transformers to 500 watts, at up to 20 amps DC output (interleaved designs also).

Forward transfomers and DC chokes to 4.5kW

AC transformers to 4kW (up to 200kHz) & 20kW (70kHz) for standard switchmode and resonant topologies

AC chokes to 400kHz, 4kVA, low loss (high Q)

Coupled transformer-inductor's to 4.5kVA (100kHz)

Coupled inductors for reverse recovery control in high speed rectifiers

Square loop inductors and mag-amp technology for a variety of applications.

Our highest power density to date for a commercial application has been a 550:350 volt 4kW transformer constructed using half  an E65 (EI) core; running at 70kHz, with some conduction cooling on the core - 4 of these were used for a 16kW converter.

Updated  January 25, 2011

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