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Control Analysis & Stabilisation Consulting
Consulting services to solve problems with Power Electronic Systems

There's not much we don't know about curing the ills of a power conversion system.

Ensuring that a power supply is stable under all likely conditions is not a trivial task - and it is beyond the measure of a power engineer with only a few years experience who has not had a knowledgable mentor to guide him/her.

Put bluntly - everything affects the stability of a converter;  the input filter, the output filter, where the feedback is taken from, the quality of filter capacitors and inductors, the immunity of the control ic's, the gain spread of an optocoupler, the layout of the power components with regard to the control circuit...we could go on quite a bit - I think you get the idea.

As well as getting to grips with the short comings of a lot of standard control ic's we have developed from scratch a range of discrete control solutions that really do the business in terms of fast, stable control, immune to the inherent RFI environment near a power converter.

We are able to analyse clients "nearly working" converters and provide the information regarding changes required to get them into the "working and stable and reliable" category - sometimes this has only involved a layout change to get a big improvement in the operation.

For a helping hand on the path to getting that project out the door, and sold,   feel free to contact us today...




Updated  October 20, 2011

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